Google Inc, launches Google.PS Officially to serve Internet Users in Palestine

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Over the years Google has been adding many of the world’s local domains like and in which case they provides localized search results.

Today Google added

Yourname.PS is a where domains in occupied Palestine are registered like .com or According to Google Arabia blog post “the new domain will give Arabic-speaking users in the Palestinian Territories, who use Palestinian ISPs, access to Google in Arabic–and eventually, access to more locally-relevant content. With the launch of, we bring the total number of Google domains worldwide to more than 160. ”

Google confirmed that they will be directing ”users based on their ISPs, so users of Palestinian ISPs will automatically be redirected to However, any user can type in any Google domain they prefer to go.”

Mr. Marwan Radwan, the General Director of the Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA) which is the organization registered said that “ was one of the earliest international domains registered under the .ps ccTLD, according to PNINA registration database,

the domain was registered in 19/5/2004, and only 4 months after PNINA officially opened the .ps for registration”. He also added that “By this registration and the inclusion of Palestine in the strategic plan for Google, this emphasizes the importance of the Palestinian Internet market and the global recognition of the Palestinian presence on the Internet”. He also expressed his hopes that the more than 1000 international companies that have already registered domain names under the .ps and have active sites pointing to their .ps domains will strengthen the international ties and trust on the Palestinian ICT sector and contribute effectively to alleviate the current obstacles and hardships imposed by the Israeli occupation.

Google explained that ” Up until today, Arabic-speaking users in the Palestinian Territories have had to visit foreign domains ( in Egypt) in order to search in Arabic.  Starting today, Arabic-speaking users in the Palestinian Territories who use Palestinian ISPs will be given direct access to Google in Arabic via

With AdWords, you can target your ads to countries or territories, or to specific regions and cities. The Adwords system uses several factors to determine whether to show your ad including the Google domain being used (.fr, .de, .kr, etc.), the actual search terms the user submits and when possible, we determine the user’s general physical location based upon their computer’s Internet Protocol (IP) address.”

According to internet users in Palestine, works fine in Gaza Strip and the Bank.

About The Palestinian National Internet naming Authority PNINA

The Palestinian National Internet Naming Authority (PNINA) is the Official domain registry for the Palestinian country code Top-Level-Domain (ccTLD).  Through PNINA, you can register your domain directly under the .ps domain or under one of its second level domain such as, and PNINA’s implementation plan was initiated in early 2003. PNINA’s role is to realize the Palestinian on-line presence through the formulation of registration policies, administer the .ps domain Registry, and to enhance and promote Internet usage in Palestine.

The PNINA Board of Directors is made up of representatives from the Public, Private, Academic, and Legal sectors and institutions interested in advancing Internet usage in Palestine. PNINA endeavors to establish meaningful partnerships between these diverse Palestinian sectors in administering and managing the national Internet enterprise. PNINA will establish a focal point for a knowledge and resource network for technology in Palestine, known as the PNINA Center of Excellence. PNINA assures Palestine’s position as an independent and informed community within the globally connected world

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