PNINA held a specialized workshop for certified registrars

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PNINA held a specialized workshop“Palestinian IDN country code Top-Level-Domain (.falasteen) Registration Policy” for .ps certified registrars on 14-10-2010 More than 20 company representative have been attended.

This workshop reviewed and covered the Palestinian IDN (.falasteen) registration procedures and policies, technical, administrative and financial aspects have been explained and discussed.

PNINA General Manager Mr.Marwan Radwan welcomed the attendees, said that PNINA has completed all the preparations for launching new automated registration system and announced opening the registration of the Palestinian IDN (.falasteen)  .

Mr .Radwan declared that the Registration will be opened in two stages, the first on 18 October 2010 for local and international organizations; companies and Trademarks holders to enable register their domain names in Arabic language through PNINA Certified Registrars this sunrise period will end on 30 November 2010.

The second stage will start on 2 January 2011 where the registration will be open for local and international individuals and institutions. Only applications with correct and complete information will be considered for registration. All applications will be processed on equal basis and according to the first-come-first-serve principle through PNINA registrars.

Discussion and questions was opened at the end of the workshop for all aspects of launching and using the new automated system, second workshop for technical aspects will be holding on 20-10-2010.

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