WHY?!! use .ps instead of ALL other domains?

1. Be the first.

As a new ccTLD .ps offers vast and exciting opportunities for claiming valuable on-line real estate with key words that can identify your business in a unique and memorable way. The best names tend to be easy to say, easy to remember and easy to key into the Internet address box. Take advantage of this opportunity to stake your Internet claim before competitors.

2. Protect your Brand Name.

Your domain is your trademark in the information age and as such, it must be safe guarded. Companies that underestimate this factor run the risk of wasting the investments they have made over time to build their trademark’s image and reputation even in channels not related to the Internet. The .ps address positions you with Palestine brand leaders.

3. Promote Palestine.

Whether you reside in, or are linked to Palestine, .ps advertises your connection. Your country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) .ps communicates the Palestinian identity. As one of the Middle East region’s fastest-growing Internet communities, Palestine and the Palestinian technology business are increasingly being associated with international best practices on-line. The .ps address positions you with Palestine brand leaders.

4. Stand out from the crowd.

Other Top Level Domains (TLDs) like .com and .net are associated with commercial business. The TLD .org simply means “non-commercial and, like the other commonly used domains, has no geography associated with it. The .ps domain is the newest technology address for Palestine. Move away from anonymity and sameness when you register a .ps address.

5. Make a Name for Yourself on the Web.

A domain name is unique and inimitable. It is a personal and original way to identify yourself online. You can register a domain under your name, family name, company name or community club to communicate professionally with clients and friends using a personalized e-mail address, such as or