IDN فلسطين .

Early 2011 PNINA lanuched Palestinian country code Top-Level-Domain in Arabic which known as ( فلسطين .),It is possible now to reach the websites by using the pure Arabic domain names in Arabic characters such as:

الحصان-الابيض.فلسطين  ,    فيليبس.فلسطين    ,  rolex.فلسطين

At present, there are hundreds of  IDN ( فلسطين .) domains registered . Just like with normal domain names, registration of IDN  is done through simple steps , .PS domains can usually be registered in a matter of seconds.


” By registering  an Arabic IDN ( فلسطين .)  Domain , you will  take  the advantages of reaching  hundreds million people who speak Arabic  and to protect your Trademarkas well “