If a country filters all incoming IP addresses and blocks that coming from Israel; does that mean that web surfers in this country can’t see any website hosted in Palestine?

It depends on the IP address of the website itself. If the IP address is from a block that is registered under an Israeli (IL) country code, then it will be seen as coming from Israel even though if the hosting company is Palestinian and the website has a Palestinian (.PS) domain name.
Technical Tip:

  1. Use any network utility to resolve the “Palestinian”  web site name into an IP address
  2. Use http://www.ripe.net/db/whois/whois.html and enter the web site IP address, check the inetnum: section under the country field and you’ll figure out the country that this IP belongs to. (PS for Palestine)
  3. Domain filtering may depend on the country code which means a .ps domain name may not be filtered.
  4. Another filtering technique is the IP filtering which is used to block all IP addresses that are assigned to a certain country. This means that a country may block all IP-Numbers (or BLOCKS) that are listed to belong to Israel.
  5. Some Palestinian web sites are still registered with IL country code IP addresses which may result in their web sites to be blocked even though they have a .ps domain name.
  6. Getting a .ps domain name will guarantee that your domain name “will” not be filtered in countries based on the Domain filtering technique but if it is hosted with an Israeli registered IP, it may be filtered anyway.