2.What is a domain Name?

A domain-name represents your organization on the Internet. It is your Internet address which will be used by others to reach your website or to send you email messages. Computers need a certain numeric code, called an IP address (‘Internet Protocol address’) for communication on the Internet. The IP address is a combination of four numbers between 0 and 255, which are separated by dots (e.g. For the Internet user, an IP address is difficult to remember and use and does not have any association with the type of services offered by the domain holder. Therefore, the domain-name system (DNS) was developed to map the difficult to remember numerical codes ( for example) into names (www.example.ps). These names are referred to as domain-names which are simple to use and provide easy-to-remember address to your organization. The selection of the domain-name can be of crucial importance for the success or failure of your appearance on the Internet. More information about the guidelines for domain-name selection can be found in PNINA’s Domain Name Registration Policy