Brands & Trademarks™ Under .PS

Since the official launching of .PS domain on 2004 , PNINA has efficiently maintained security, stability, and resiliency of .PS domain , furthermore managed to develop well defined channels and process for domain registration consistent with international standards which encouraged Top Global Trademarks to register their names under .PS, such as:

There are lots of Latin words ends by the two Latin Characters P and S, some of brand companies, start-ups and innovators take this opportunity and have registered .PS domain names identical to their existing brands or  new brands with  words ends by PS,  which make a.PS domain a part of their unique and memorable brands, such as:

The stability of the .PS and the resiliency of registration and maintenance procedures have strengthened the Palestinian private sector confidence in .PS domain, therefore they completely rely on .PS domain as a main domain name in their online infrastructure.

Trademarks Agencies in Palestine:

Finance and Banking sector:

Corporations listed on the Palestinian stock market :