How can I register a personal domain-name ?

You can register your domain through one of PNINA’s Certified Registrars. Check the list of PNINA Certified Registrars to select the one of your choice. Please note that the selected registrar will be able to guide your organization through the registration process, host its domain name and provide this organization with other valuable services (such as web hosting, email services, etc.). PNINA, therefore, encourages organizations to register their domain-names through Certified Registrars.
Technical note: 
If you are registering a domain-name, then, you must provide the IP addresses of the primary and secondary servers that will host this name. These servers need to be always responsive, i.e., always responding to DNS queries and lookups and always active, i.e., 24-hours connected to the Internet. They need to be always hosting the domain. Without these servers always hosting, always up and running, Internet users cannot get to your domain-name. Your website cannot be accessed and mail addresses under your domain cannot be reached. Therefore, it is extremely important that these two name servers always active and responsive for your domain name.